Inspirations from the Heart


Crisis: A critical turning point. The crossroads when a decision must be made.


Let the crisis in your life be the invitation to choose better, to do better. Your crisis can be anything; deciding to quit eating unhealthy, to leave a job you dislike, to take care of an addiction, to decide whether or not to stay with your significant other.


My crisis of my addiction invited me to look at where I was and where I was going to go and the decision was extreme, life or death. I accepted the invitation for life.


Looking back, I see that my crisis was the best invitation I could ask for; to choose to change and change for the good. My crisis was the invitation to allow a beautiful ripple effect to happen in my life. I am forever grateful I accepted life.


Look at your crisis as your invitation to accept the challenges of change for a better life. Let your crisis allow to you to make shift happen.


Will you choose to accept the invitation to do better or will you choose not to?




The one thing that we do not ever get back is time. I can tell you from personal experience that it will never be the right time or the perfect set of circumstances to change your life. I spent Christmas, my 30th birthday, and New Years in rehab to get better and LIVE my live. Was that ideal timing? Not in my mind. But I made that choice because I was finished wasting time and wasting my life.


What I can tell you now is that when you actually do make that choice to commit, you will absolutely reap the rewards.


I want to ask you: What are you waiting for? Seriously, What are you waiting for? Are you willing to live another day in misery, another day wishing things would be better, another day silently struggling and suppressing how you really feel, another day not living and just existing?


Stop waiting. Dig deep, even if it is baby steps, make the choice to be in action to move towards where you want to be. Do not stay stagnant.


I want to tell you that you got this, that I believe in you.  What it comes down do are two things: Do you believe in yourself? And are you willing?


No more hiding. No more silently suffering. The time is now.


Make Shift Happen



The Actor

Let me ask you: Do you ever feel like you are an actor in your every day life? Do you ever feel like you have to put on a show to get through the day just waiting for the curtain to close so you can actually be you? Have you reached a point where it is painful to get up and do what you do because you are not you? Do you continue to put on a show because you don't know how to end it for fear of everyone around you still loving you and accepting you?


The actor: someone who is acting their way through life smiling, pleasing everyone, going to their job because they don’t know how to tell people that this isn’t really who they are. The actor is great at putting on a show, having everyone believe that this is who they are, but secretly they are dying inside. 


I know what it’s like to be the actor. To put on a front and pretend that everything is okay, when really I wasn’t able to be in my true role. 


When will it be your last act? When will the pain of acting become worse than the pain of changing? Of simply just being you?


Make Shift Happen. No more putting on a show.



"When I Have This..."

This phrase right here is one of the most crippling phrases to have in your vocabulary when it comes to making the choice to change, to Make Shift Happen in your life.


When I have this outfit, I will start to workout... When I have another job lined up, I will quit the one I hate... When my friends want to do it with me, then I will start... When I have more money, I will be able to do it. Do any of these examples hit home? I could keep going.


“When I have this” is a phrase that keeps you safe. This is a phrase that keeps you wasting time instead of capitalizing on it. This phrase keeps you from growing and evolving. Ask yourself why you say this. Ask yourself why you simply just do not start.  This used to paralyze me. I would say this phrase knowing I was simply letting my fears rule my decisions which, ultimately kept me from doing what I wanted to do.


Let me tell you there will never be the right time to start, the right time to change. Time is something that we never get back. 


The right time is now.



What Is Sticking To YOUR Magnet?

Magnets have a strong force for attachment. Magnets have an energy field so that when another magnet is close, it either gets sucked right in or immediately repelled. When it comes to transformation and creating change in your life, let us look at yourself as a magnet.


What are you attracting? What is being pulled into your life? Are you allowing positive people, positive thoughts, and a healthy environment?


What are you repelling?  What are you not allowing to get stuck to you so that you can actually make a change? Old behaviors? Not supportive people? 


Here is the truth: you can’t have both on a magnet. The magnet attracts one thing or another: Positive or negative. Faith or fear. Compassion or judgment. Supportive people or not supportive people. I invite you to bring awareness as to what you are allowing to have in your life. (AKA what forces you are attracting to your magnet)


Simply put: you can’t invite positive change to happen in your life if your magnet is filled will the complete opposite.

May the positive force be with you.




Do you ever take a day, a morning, afternoon, evening, or even just an hour to unplug?  To walk away from your smart phone, take a time out and just be? We live in a world where our smart phones are a part of our daily wardrobe. They are glued to us and for some people, they feel lost without it.


I can be the first to admit that I love my smartphone. I love the technology, social media, and FaceTime as this is how most of my business is run and how I also communicate with family. However, there came a point not too long ago where I realized the importance of taking a time out from my smart phone and simply being 100% present in the moment.


I honestly for a hot minute forgot what it was like to take a hike without my phone, go skiing without my phone, to have coffee with a friend without checking it multiple times, and even just going to the grocery store without my phone. RIDICULOUS RIGHT? I mean… WOW.  I needed reel it in BIG time. Once I became aware of just how much I was on it, I made it a point to make sure to have designated time to walk away from my smart phone. It honestly has been very refreshing.


I ask you: do you ever unplug? Do you ever walk away from your smart phone? Are you ever fully present in the moment without documenting every single move on your phone? While I love the benefits of being able to document everything, I also believe there is an even more intimate beauty in simply living.

It might be time for a time out.



Hydrated or Dehydrated? A Different Perspective

Let me ask you: How do you feel when you are hydrated? How do you feel when you are dehydrated? When it comes to your life and you are seeking to change something about it, to make shift happen, you want to look at what is hydrating your life and what is dehydrating your life. It sometimes doesn’t even occur to us how certain people, places and things affect our growth and our overall life until we realize something isn’t working and we take a closer look at what we allow into our lives.


Dehydration: What is hindering your growth? What is no longer serving you that is taking away from you being able to move forward? What is sucking the life out of you that leaves you depleted? Take an honest look at what is dehydrating your life and make the choice to take the necessary steps to leave that behind in order to stay hydrated.


Hydration: You absolutely want to feel more hydrated than dehydrated in your life! When you are hydrated you fill great, right? Your mind and body function much better!  You want people, places and things to hydrate your aliveness and keep you growing and evolving. When you find the support, love, friends, career, and environment that is hydrating your life, hold onto that. Seek more of what leaves you feeling nourished.


So, does you life look like a dry desert or a flourishing forest?




This phrase right here radiates possibility. This question asks you to ask yourself to TRY.


What if I told you that every time you say this phrase, you open yourself up to the positive side and not the negative side? What if I told you when you say this, you are giving yourself a chance? What if when you say this you choose to act instead of retract?


What if I fail? What if they hate me? What if I lose? What if I can’t do it? Who cares! Seriously, who cares? This used to keep me complacent. Keep me fearful because I was so worried about what others would think and say about everything I do. 

Challenge yourself: Every time you start to doubt yourself or you start to get fearful, you want to run away and give up... pause and ask yourself: What if I can? What if something great happens? What if I actually succeed?

What if you actually gave yourself the opportunity to change and grow?


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.





When you have an OPEN Mind… You have the BEST views.

What do you prefer to look at: a window with the curtains drawn or a window with the curtains open? I prefer the curtains open. I also ask you: How do you prefer people to see you? With closed curtains or open curtains?


An open mind allows you to be like a window with the curtains open: to have the best views- to be open to possibility... to allow yourself a chance. An open mind allows you to SEE, embrace, take it all in… and then make a decision on how you decide to move forward. When you have the best views (an open mind), you allow yourself to see YOU differently. Also, you allow yourself to see people differently... to be open to seeing that people can truly change.

A closed mind… closed curtains… offers none of this. With a closed mind you are looking at a wall... closed off to any view… to any possibility.  When your mind is closed, you have already made the decision to not give yourself a chance for change... for movement… for shift to happen. You have also decided to not give others a chance. Your mind is made up on what they have done or not done and you will be looking at a closed curtain and not seeing that change is possible. As I already asked, would you really want others to view you this way? With a closed curtain?

When you have an open mind, you have the best views.


My advice: decide to open the curtains and take in all of the views.



PAUSE 1...2...3...

Let me ask you: Do you ever take a moment to PAUSE in your day? Do you even know what it feels like to pause and just be present? As a hurricane who operates at warp speed… Pausing is something that didn’t exist in my daily routine or even in my vocabulary. Until one day this word and simple action began to infiltrate my life and warp speed is no longer my only speed in my head and my body. To me… pausing means to reflect and hit the reset button.

Take a moment… more like several moments throughout the day to PAUSE and be present. Pause to take several deep breathes to bring you back to planet earth and be in awareness of what you are doing. Pause to really be present with where you are, the people you are with, and the conversations you are having. Pause to calm your emotions, to ease your mind and relax your body.

PAUSE before you speak. (This is a game changer). Really sit with yourself for a moment and ask yourself: Do I really want to say this? Do I really want to go there? What will be the outcome if I take this action? Pausing allows you to take a moment and reflect before you might say something you wish you never did. Pause before judging. Pause before assuming. Simply… practice the PAUSE.




I offer you another great way to look at transformation—change—making yourself the BEST version of you possible: Pruning! Let us think of ourselves as a tree. Overtime some branches become dead and they no longer serve you. In order to have a new branch grow… one that will provide new buds, blossoms, and fruit… you must cut away the old. Pruning is essential for growth. Pruning is essential for new and beautiful branches to grow.


I ask you to look at where you are currently and where you want to be: What needs to be pruned out of your life to create space for something new to grow? Is it who you surround yourself with? Your daily routine? What your eat? Your job? Where you live? These examples can all be considered branches in your life that need to be continuously taken care of and managed in order for you to live your best life.

I get it... pruning can sometimes be hard. Pruning can be painful. Pruning can be scary in the sense that it took you a long time to grow that branch and now... you realize it needs to go- it is no longer flourishing. That branch is simply hanging.


You want to know what is worse than pruning? Hanging onto dead weight that no longer serves you and is simply taking up space where growth and change are ready to take over! Create space and clip those branches.



A Lesson... NOT a Life Sentence

When you look back at the choices you have made thus far in life… do you look at them as a life sentence? A choice that you are now stuck with forever? Do you look at your choices and think “I am doomed forever,” or “I will never get over this,” or “I guess this is my life,” or “how will I ever be able to make a change with the choices I have made…”


We all make choices. Look at these choices you have made thus far and do not condemn yourself. Look at what has happened in your life as lessons and not a life sentence. Lessons are AMAZING! Lessons allow you to look at yourself with love and curiosity and not judgment, hate, or anger. Lessons allow you to grow and move on. Decide to grow from the choices and the behavior patterns you have that are no longer serving you. Do not let what has happened to you dictate what can be a possibility in your future. Make the choice to not be a prisoner of your past.


Lesson… or a Life Sentence? When I realized that I actually did have a choice to not let my past choices and behaviors dictate my future… that is when I truly began to LIVE and not just EXIST. Listen, no one is perfect. We all have things happen. But I will tell you it is how you choose to react, which, will either leave you a prisoner or open to possibility.

2. 3.18


Muscle Builders: Challenges and Problems

Typically when you think of muscle building, you think of hitting the gym and getting your actual body muscles stronger… obtaining more definition, and overall getting more healthy. Generally speaking when a weight gets easy you don't just run away... you get excited and add more weight to keep increasing your strength. Now, let’s take a different spin on what I also see muscle building as:


Challenges and Problems: most people see challenges and problems and they immediately give up. They throw in the towel and start telling themselves they can't do it because they don’t know how to get through the problem or challenge. 


Look at challenges and problems as muscle builders: over time muscles build and what you deem as your “normal” gets stronger. The most powerful muscles we can build is resilience. When you have resilience, you understand that challenges, problems, mistakes, and misfortune are not end points, but are muscle builders, which, give you the capacity to embrace and move forward. The more you can begin to accept and power through these “muscle builders,” the stronger you will become. Challenges and problems should be looked at as growing pains and not stopping points. Imagine if you decided to just quit when you encountered a challenge, problem, made a mistake, or had a misfortune... you would have no muscles at all. Start building your muscles.



TRUE Self Care

Let me ask you: What comes to mind when you think of self care? When you think of taking time for yourself and having a "self care day," what comes to mind?

For most people, they think of self care as relaxing at home reading a book, getting a massage, manicure, going to a yoga class, or possibly a day away from your children if you have any. We tend to look at self care as being superficial- as an escape or even something that gives you instant gratification. True Self Care is not just about all of these activities... true self care goes deeper.


True Self Care is about making that decision to really take care of YOU on a deep, inner working level to uncover and address what you have been avoiding or even fearful of. Self care is about addressing your doubts, fears, insecurities, and resentments in order to be the best version of YOU possible. This self care has long lasting effects where as a massage or a day away from your children is only temporary.  

I truly believe that the best self care that you can give yourself is one of which you decide to really take care of what is holding you back from LIVING and not silently struggling day to day. Do away with the idea of looking at self care as "a day away from it all will fix everything." Make the choice to let Self Care mean that you are truly taking care of you not just temporarily... but for your lifetime. 




Let's all take a moment and really think about the simple fact that our health is all connected: Mind, Body, Spirit. These factors feed off of one another. Really think about this: do you compartmentalize these three things? Do you view your mindset as one health, your body as another, and lastly your spiritual condition separate as well? 

Mind: How are thinking? What is the health your mindset? Are your thoughts positive or negative? Is your mindset in fear or in faith?  The moment you start watching your thoughts, you will begin to see a higher level of consciousness and awareness in your life.

Body: You get one body. Your body is perishable. I believe in movement every single day. What are you fueling your body with? Goodness or toxicity? Are you giving your body the necessary nutrition and movement needed to live optimally in your world?


Spirit: The health of your spirit- of your serenity-  of being able to not always be in control. Are you able to trust? To turn it over and have faith of some kind? Or do you let your pride and ego run the show? 

Mind. Body. Spirit. It is all connected. When you choose to make a shift, to make a change in your life really think about the fact that this shift will not just affect one area, it will affect all areas of your life!




Have you ever taken a moment… taken time to reflect on the reasons as to why you live in the environment you live in? Do you ever think about how you as a person have evolved as a product of your environment?


It is when we decide to make a shift happen in our life that we take a look around us.  When you step outside of yourself and look at how and why you do the things you do… it probably has a lot to do with your environment. Is your environment progressive? Active? Safe? Inspiring? Depressing? Stagnant? Really look at how your environment affects your mind, body, and spirit. 


Bring awareness to yourself of your environment. Do you use your environment as an excuse to stay the way you are? Do you blame your environment on not being able to Make Shift Happen? Make the conscious choice to not be a product of your environment anymore! Choose to be a product of who you truly decide to be. Not what your environment chooses for you!



Remembering your WHY. Putting reminders in place.

Big or small- it does not matter. What does matter is how we set ourselves up to be successful in making shift happen and remembering WHY we made the choice to grow and to be the best version of ourselves possible.

So... Keep it simple: Reminders popping up in your smart phone- post it's- dry erase marker on your mirror! It's one thing to declare that you want change and then it's another to follow through. These reminders can be as simple as "YOU GOT THIS," "JUST BREATHE,"  "I AM WORTHY" or "CHANGE HAPPENS IN THE DISCOMFORT!"


Putting systems in place helps us all to drop the excuses and overcome the fear of change. Making a shift can be scary and uncomfortable in the beginning which is why setting yourself up for success is key to maintaining that positive growth mindset. 

Let your WHY be bigger than any fear or excuse!



Throw away the Resolutions…  Start 2018 with a MANTRA

Let’s be honest, how many times have you made a New Years resolution only to break it? How many times have you made a resolution because you felt that was an easy way to fix a problem? A resolution implies that something is wrong that you need to fix.  A resolution comes from a negative place. Why start 2018 from a place of negativity or problem solving? Resolutions come with guilt, self-blaming, and sometimes a feeling of shame.


Hence… let’s start from a place of POSITIVITY and PURPOSE. Choose to start your New Year with a MANTRA: A word or phrase to live by. Intend to do what it is that you truly want to do. Let your MANTRA make you smile and yet, give you the chills because you are deciding to make shift happen in your life from a positive mindset. Declare your MANTRA and start 2018 from a place of inspiration, conviction, and positivity.


Make Shift Happen in 2018 with a Mantra… not a Resolution.




PEOPLE: Every day ask yourself if you are surrounding yourself with the ones that support you- love you- elevate you- VALUE you. 

PLACES: Ask yourself every day: is this place aiding in my growth or is being in this place a waste? Get curious as to why you choose the places you spend the majority of your time in!

THOUGHTS: What are your thoughts like? Are they negative or positive? Are they filled with fear or trust? Gratitude? Appreciation? Be in awareness and truly begin to recognize where your thoughts lead you to...

Every single day know that YOU get to make a conscious choice with people, places, and your thoughts. This is powerful my friends. Knowing and accepting that you have these choices... is where transformation begins.

12. 17.18


The Three Point Path

Change is a process, but it doesn't have to overwhelm us!  We can look at any change -- any revolutionary shift -- as a three point path:  caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly.  Or shower, sunshine, rainbow.  Realization, Risk, Reward.

Let's break our shifts down into three simple steps.  This doesn't have to be complicated.  But not every step is easy or optimistic.  Some steps start with a storm, caterpillar, or audacious idea.


The point is that you are taking the necessary steps to begin the process. If the first days are bleak, do not let that discourage you. It's all about the butterfly, rainbow, and reward. 




© 2018 by Michael Arnold Coaching.  Make Shift Happen.