Hi, My name is Michael. 

I am a ball of energy and a hurricane of happiness that is here to serve you. After going through my own personal transformation with brutal alcohol addiction and identity loss to now living a beautiful, healthy life in sobriety, I can truly say I now know what it is like to feel alive, free, and unapologetically me from the inside out. To every day live in gratitude and act from love and compassion.

It is my life’s purpose to use my happiness, energy, and drive to inspire, empower, and support women and men to live their best lives. To help women and men confront their fears, excuses, and silent struggles to be the best version of themselves. 

Working with me you will be turning your fears and excuses into excitement and embracing the challenges for the growth they bring as you move forward. It is my passion to bring awareness to you that you do not need to live in a glass box with limiting beliefs and instead, have you realize that your potential has no confinement. Your revolutionized mindset will be the foundation for an extraordinary life.

As your coach and biggest supporter and believer, I will guide you to see what is keeping you stuck and help you create and take bold actions out of that suffocating feeling into freedom. I will bring AWARENESS to your day-to-day actions and thought process, educate you on healthy habit change, and I will give you tough love with love.

You will no longer be living the life others think you should. Your authentic Truth no longer needs to be an unfulfilled dream or a closely held secret; instead, your Truth will become expressed and expressive of the real you. 


T​ogether, we will create your miracle. We will create and instill healthy habits through movement and mindset revolution. 


I know you, see you, feel you, get you, and have been you. 

I will partner with you to co-create and make shift happen in your life!

We get one life. Lets make shift happen.


© 2018 by Michael Arnold Coaching.  Make Shift Happen.